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Hello guys. Have you ever made ice tea before? Now, you will learn to make it. Check this out!

How to make ice tea 

Materials needed: 

  • Water 
  • Tea 
  • Sugar 
  • Ice cube 
Procedure to make ice tea  

  1. Boil the water. 
  2. Put the boiling water into a glass. 
  3. Dip a  tea into the glass. 
  4. Put a spoonful of sugar into the glass. 
  5. Mix well. 
  6. Put 3 small ice cubes into the glass.

The text above is called PROCEDURE text. 
So, what is procedure text?

The Definition of Procedure Text
Procedure text is a text that instruct  how to make or do something.

The Purpose of Procedure Text
The purpose of a procedure is to tell the reader how to do or make something. 

The Generic Structure of Narrative Text 
A procedure usually has four components. They are :

1.  Goal or Aim         
Stating what is to be done. The purpose of the text. The text above has a purpose to inform readers how to make ice tea. 

2. Materials             
listing in order of use includes items needed to complete task. The material that you can be used to make ice tea are   
  • Water 
  • Tea 
  • Sugar 
  • Ice cube 

3. Method               
A series of steps. There are some steps to make ice tea.
  1. Boil the water. 
  1. Put the boiling water into a glass. 
  1. Dip a  tea into the glass. 
  1. Put a spoonful of sugar into the glass. 
  1. Mix well. 
  1. Put 3 small ice cubes into the glass.

Language Features of the Procedure Text
The text usually:
  •  is written in the simple present tense (do this, do that) 
  • focuses on generalized people rather than individuals (first you take, rather than first I take)
  • the reader is often referred to in a general way, i.e. pronouns (you or one)
  • action verbs (cut, fold, twist, hold etc) 
  •  linking words to do with time (first, when, then) are used to connect the text
  • detailed information on how (carefully, with the scissors); where (from the top); when (after it has set)
  •  detailed factual description (shape, size, color, amount) 
Now check your understanding about procedure text. Read the text carefully!

That is the explanation about procedure text. You can find
procedure text everywhere. You can take a look in your instant noodle pack. There is a procedure how to make instant noodle.  
So, keep learning and smiling. Bye!

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